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Flight Toolkit 1.1.22

It has been a while since the last public version, so these are quite a few changes. I’ll try to list the bigger ones below. As always please let me know if you find bugs or new issues with this version.
Flight Toolkit 1.1.22

Addon Builder
– Fix conversion failures causing the app to crash
– Added the ability to specify a readme\license (in .rtf format) for a .addon which will be displayed when the user installs the addon.
– Updated the asset preview to show more information from simdata, materials and other simprop files
– Fixed a large number of bugs in the aircraft conversion, although please be aware that a good conversion still requires a lot of manual work
– Added the concept of the ConversionOptions.xml to the aircraft conversion wizard as well as to the command line in ContentConverter. This allows controlling the conversion process in the various ways:
– Replace specific variables from MDL scripts with specific ones from Flight
– Replace entire scripts from MDL scripts with lua scripts
– Replace textures by name
– Replace referenced attached objects, effects or other object references with different ones
– Add additional bones and reference points to models
– Add input actions (mouse rects) to bones

Addon Manager
– Sort addons by name
– Added abilty to display readme\license by right clicking an addon

Asset Viewer
– New program for visualizing and inspecting .model file properties

– Improved performance
– Adding loading spinners in the UI

– Added optional /c ConversionOptions.xml argument
– Added conversion of individual .mdl file to Flight, including /modelOnly option which just converts the model and no materials or textures

FSX Scenery Conversion:
– Major update to how LC and WC are remapped to Flight. This fixes most if not all land class issues
– Added parsing\conversion of TerrainCoverage. This fixes many autogen issues
– Added conversion of generic buildings to procedural buildings
– Improved remapping of FSX scenery objects to equvalent Flight scenery objects
– Add conversion of exclusion and timezone BGL layers
– Fix conversion of taxiway signs, and airport deletes