Flight Toolkit 1.1.31

I’ve released a new version of the toolkit: FlightToolkit 1.1.31

The main changes in this version vs the previous one are several fixes to the installer process, as well as some fixes to make Non-GFWL mode work properly on new machines that had never run Flight before.  This fixes a problem where some content would not show up in Flight even if it was downloaded and enabled in the Addon Manager.

Flight Monitor

If you enjoy using moving maps with flight sims, cyberix over on the Avsim forums has created a great program for Flight that utilizes some of the new features built into the Flight Toolkit.

You can download the latest version from here:

See this post for more info:

If you run into any problems please contact cyberix over on the Avsim forums.

Flight Toolkit 1.1.28

There have been quite a few changes lately.  This is the most recent stable release.  You may need to manually install the X86 of the VC++ 2015 redist from here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=48145.  Make sure you install the X86 version, even if you use a 64 bit OS

Flight Toolkit 1.1.28

Major Changes:
– Rebuilt all tools with VS 2015.  If you have trouble running please install the x86 VC++ Redist manually: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=48145
– Changed the IPC method between the tools and Flight.  This will break cyberix’s Flight Monitor tool.  I’ve provided the changes to him earlier so he should have an updated version soon.
– Added support for multiple clients connected via IPC at the same time.  You can now have Addon Builder and SimDataEditor connected at the same time (or other tools such as Flight Monitor)
– Added support for entering OPT mode.  This requires manually adding a mission to your addon in Addon Builder, and clicking refresh in the content pane, selecting the mission asset in the content pane, and then clicking the blue pencil in the toolbar.  This will spawn you in slew mode over Hilo and you will need to use SimDataEditor to move to another location if the mission does not start there.  This allows previewing the placement and orientation of mission objects and triggers.

Minor changes:
– Added and clarified some variables and units in SimDataEditor
– Fixed switching between aircraft with different numbers of engines and fuel tanks in SimDataEditor
– Updated the default ConversionOptions file
– Fix bug where failed export would just hang at the progress bar.
– Fix bug where ModelConverter would crash if there were no animations
– Change Renderer to make use of async await style
– Add error messages and better error handling to Renderer\Asset Viewer
– Add loading spinners to Asset Viewer
– Updated several middleware libraries
– Update MaterialVariationAsset to take advantage of CustomTypeDefinitions to better show the material map in the PropertyGrid.
– Add support for SoundAsset
– Enable horizontal scroll bar in Addon Buidler asset PropertyGrid
– Add better error messages to installer CustomAction
– Add support for more animation curve types in MSF

Flight Toolkit 1.1.22

It has been a while since the last public version, so these are quite a few changes. I’ll try to list the bigger ones below. As always please let me know if you find bugs or new issues with this version.
Flight Toolkit 1.1.22

Addon Builder
– Fix conversion failures causing the app to crash
– Added the ability to specify a readme\license (in .rtf format) for a .addon which will be displayed when the user installs the addon.
– Updated the asset preview to show more information from simdata, materials and other simprop files
– Fixed a large number of bugs in the aircraft conversion, although please be aware that a good conversion still requires a lot of manual work
– Added the concept of the ConversionOptions.xml to the aircraft conversion wizard as well as to the command line in ContentConverter. This allows controlling the conversion process in the various ways:
– Replace specific variables from MDL scripts with specific ones from Flight
– Replace entire scripts from MDL scripts with lua scripts
– Replace textures by name
– Replace referenced attached objects, effects or other object references with different ones
– Add additional bones and reference points to models
– Add input actions (mouse rects) to bones

Addon Manager
– Sort addons by name
– Added abilty to display readme\license by right clicking an addon

Asset Viewer
– New program for visualizing and inspecting .model file properties

– Improved performance
– Adding loading spinners in the UI

– Added optional /c ConversionOptions.xml argument
– Added conversion of individual .mdl file to Flight, including /modelOnly option which just converts the model and no materials or textures

FSX Scenery Conversion:
– Major update to how LC and WC are remapped to Flight. This fixes most if not all land class issues
– Added parsing\conversion of TerrainCoverage. This fixes many autogen issues
– Added conversion of generic buildings to procedural buildings
– Improved remapping of FSX scenery objects to equvalent Flight scenery objects
– Add conversion of exclusion and timezone BGL layers
– Fix conversion of taxiway signs, and airport deletes

Flight Toolkit 1.1.6

Several updates to the FSX conversion, as well as some fixes for other bugs.
Flight Toolkit 1.1.6

– Add conversion of airport summaries so that generic jobs show up at FSX airports
– Several fixes to MDL LOD conversion from FSX that were causing crashes
– Add support for versioning FSX conversion so that incremental updates can be done between versions.
– Fix several bugs with switching the Flight configuration
– Improve support in Addon Builder for creating custom scenery addons in Flight

If you have already converted some FSX scenery you can just rerun the conversion and point to the same output directory as the last time and it will regenerate the new files it needs to update with the new fixes.

Flight Toolkit 1.1.2

Just a couple small bug fixes and features
Flight Toolkit 1.1.2

– Fix URL for the Aerocaches pictures in Non-GFWL mode.  This should fix the missing aerocache images.
– Added the option to show pending aerocaches in Non-GFWL mode.  These aerocaches show up in the world but you cannot acquire them until they have been reviewed and approved.
– Updated the World Region UI addon to include more airports while zoomed out (thanks to Majuh on Avsim).
– Added the World Region UI addon to the list of available addons in Addon Manager so it is easier to discover and download.

Flight Toolkit 1.1.1

This new version includes a lot of fixes and improvements over the previous versions.  You no longer need to install different versions depending on whether you want multiplayer support or not.  It also includes support for converting FSX scenery to Flight for the very first time.

Flight Toolkit 1.1.1

– Added support for converting the FSX content to Microsoft Flight (see the tutorial, for instructions)
– Added support for switching between GFWL and Non-GFWL in the Addon Manager
– Fixed issues with the aerocaches or player profile not updating in some situations
– Several other small fixes

Rebuilt Site

I noticed the previous site had some problems and links between pages were no longer working.  I’ve rebuilt the page so you will find some of the older downloads no longer available.  If you notice any broken links or pictures in the tutorials please let me know at flighttoolkit+support@gmail.com