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Flight Toolkit 1.1.6

Several updates to the FSX conversion, as well as some fixes for other bugs.
Flight Toolkit 1.1.6

– Add conversion of airport summaries so that generic jobs show up at FSX airports
– Several fixes to MDL LOD conversion from FSX that were causing crashes
– Add support for versioning FSX conversion so that incremental updates can be done between versions.
– Fix several bugs with switching the Flight configuration
– Improve support in Addon Builder for creating custom scenery addons in Flight

If you have already converted some FSX scenery you can just rerun the conversion and point to the same output directory as the last time and it will regenerate the new files it needs to update with the new fixes.

Flight Toolkit 1.1.2

Just a couple small bug fixes and features
Flight Toolkit 1.1.2

– Fix URL for the Aerocaches pictures in Non-GFWL mode.  This should fix the missing aerocache images.
– Added the option to show pending aerocaches in Non-GFWL mode.  These aerocaches show up in the world but you cannot acquire them until they have been reviewed and approved.
– Updated the World Region UI addon to include more airports while zoomed out (thanks to Majuh on Avsim).
– Added the World Region UI addon to the list of available addons in Addon Manager so it is easier to discover and download.

Flight Toolkit 1.1.1

This new version includes a lot of fixes and improvements over the previous versions.  You no longer need to install different versions depending on whether you want multiplayer support or not.  It also includes support for converting FSX scenery to Flight for the very first time.

Flight Toolkit 1.1.1

– Added support for converting the FSX content to Microsoft Flight (see the tutorial, for instructions)
– Added support for switching between GFWL and Non-GFWL in the Addon Manager
– Fixed issues with the aerocaches or player profile not updating in some situations
– Several other small fixes

Rebuilt Site

I noticed the previous site had some problems and links between pages were no longer working.  I’ve rebuilt the page so you will find some of the older downloads no longer available.  If you notice any broken links or pictures in the tutorials please let me know at