More bug fixes

Changes with this version:
– Fixed some installer issues if you never had Flight installed previously
– Fixed some issues with the GFWL replacement server that was causing some features like aerocaches not to work
– Disabled the profile backup feature (since it is no longer useful with the Flight servers down)

I am now releasing two different versions of the toolkit.  One that works with GFWL so people who play multiplayer can still use that feature.  However with this version aerocaches and other online Flight features will not work.  The other version is has GFWL removed and will not support multiplayer, but you can use aerocaches.  I recommend creating a second profile for this version if you want to switch back and forth between both.

GFWL version (Multiplayer, but no aerocaches)

Non-GFWL version (Aerocaches and no GFWL keys needed, but no multiplayer)

In the future all versions of the toolkit ending in “.5″ will be for non-GFWL.

Bug in previous installer

I’ve had a couple reports of a bug in the installer.  If you have never downloaded DLC for Flight before on the PC you are using, you may get a failure during the installation of the Flight Toolkit.  I am working on a fix for this problem, but in the mean time you can work around the issue by making sure this directory exists on your machine: C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Xlive\DLC\4d5308d2\00000002.  If you have moved your GFWL DLC path to a different location you will need to change the above path to match accordingly.

Shed GFWL with this new version of the Toolkit

WARNING: This version of the toolkit disables multiplayer in Flight.  Using this toolkit will change your player profile in a way that you will not be able to uninstall and still use Flight without losing progress.  The installation process should backup your profile in %localappdata%\Microsoft\Flight prior to installing in case you need to uninstall the toolkit, but it isn’t guaranteed to work.  You should also back them up yourself manually if you expect to ever use Flight without the toolkit.

WARNING: If you haven’t already, you should install the previous version of the toolkit and run the Addon Manager while Flight is running to extract your user profile.  If you don’t do this you will lose progress of several areas of your profile including acquired aerocaches.

This update changes how Flight work with a custom version of GFWL that doesn’t connect to any Microsoft services.  After installing this version, multiplayer and achievements in Flight will no longer work, although we can now customize the message of the day and add new aerocaches.  It will also fix the issues where installing unofficial versions of Hawaii and Alaska will not allow you to find aerocaches in those regions.

There are so many changes in this version from the previous one that I can’t even list them all.  Stay tuned for a new version of the toolkit that will soon support converting FSX scenery to Flight!


Small update to the toolkit

I’ve updated the toolkit with some new features.  This newest release includes logic to extract your Flight profile from the game so that it can be used later if the GFWL servers are taken down.  To use this feature run Addon Manager while Flight is running.  It will periodically save your current profile to a file. This release also includes some unsupported scenery tools.  These tools are still in development and I hope at some point they will allow people to create new scenery or convert scenery from FSX.

This update has only had a small amount of testing, so if you run into issues please make sure to email

FlightToolkit 1.0.0

Major Release

I haven’t posted in a while, but there have been many new versions for the past few months.  There are a slew of new features and bug fixes in the tools.  Here is a brief summary of the changes since 0.7.3:

– Added alpha support for converting FSX aircraft (only some convert properly and are flyable)
– Added more progress bars and feedback on long running processes in the tools
– Added the ability to create custom .flightAddons by hand
– Added the ability to put any files in an addon and have the tool build it into the .flightAddon file
– Added the ability to download and install DLC and other addons from the web in the Addon Manager tool
– Added a SimPropCompiler tool that can convert to and from spb and xml files for Flight.
– Many other small fixes and features

Get it now: FlightToolkit 0.9.4

More bug fixes

A few more fixes:

– Fixed the custom install location not working

– Fixed a bug in the installer with some forms of Steam users.

– Fixed a bug while exporting addons with PSD textures

– Fixed a regression in the previous change that broke exporting

– Fixed an issue when moving .addonSettings and related textures to a different path that would cause the add on to fail loading in AddonBuilder

– Fixed an issue when converting SimProp xml containing matrix, LLA, PBH or time data.

FlightToolkit 0.7.3

New version of the Toolkit posted!

This new version of the toolkit has several changes.  Make sure to manually uninstall the prior version before installing this one since the installer has changed to a unified installer for all users.


– Removed the dependency on owning the Alaska DLC.  Anyone can now use the tools

– Removed the encrypted format of flightAddon packages.  Custom packages can now be created by manually creating a .flightAddon file (.zip file format).  More details will be released later.

– Added a new command line tool to the Toolkit called SimPropCompiler.exe.  This can be used to convert back and forth between binary SimProp (.spb, .material, .mission, .materialVar, etc) and xml.

– Replaced the installer with one that can properly detect Flight installed to custom Steam library locations.  This also breaks the scenario where you may have both the Steam and GFWL version of Flight installed.  If that is the case, the preview functionality in the tools will only work with the Steam version of Flight.

– Fixed some bugs that would allow you to use invalid characters in the name of addons and liveries which can cause the tools to crash once those addons are installed.

– Fixed the bug that would cause the tool to complain that FileLocator.config.backup already existed.

– Uninstalling the toolkit will now disable any installed add-ons.

Flight Toolkit_0.7.0